Jack and The Beanstalk

Today in Year 2 we had a bag of exciting clues! These were clues for our new story in English. We looked at them one at a time and decided what they could represent. Our clues were:

a cow

a person

a hen

a tree

some beans

an egg

The children had some great guesses such as a story about a farm or a story about planting seeds and beans. One friend guessed the correct answer – Jack and The Beanstalk! Lots of the children were familiar with the story already which is great.

We looked at a story map of the story and the children followed along while Mrs Smith read the words. The children will be bringing home a copy of the story map to practise retelling the story.

We have begun to practise some actions for the words as we tell the story. This helps us to remember the words. We can’t wait to show you them! Well done, Year 2!

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