What a fab time we have had in Year 5! Following on from our learning about seasonality and eating seasonal foods, we have tasted some seasonal British vegetables ready for our Food Technology soup making activity after half term.

We had the pleasure of trying such culinary delights as parsnips, celeriac, beetroots, kale, butternut squash, broccoli, asparagus, courgette, aubergine, cabbage and peppers. There were some doubtful faces but I am so proud of everyone for trying everything at least once, with some of us surprised to find we actually like something we didn’t think we did, well done Year 5.

Here’s what some of us had to say about the food tasting:

“I liked the pepper as it was snappy and Juicy.”

“The kale was yummy and flavoursome.”

“I’m surprised I liked the sugarsnap peas.”

“The courgette was really tasty!”

As part of the technology learning, we talked about some of the cooking techniques used to prepare the vegetables for eating. Some of them were roasted in a tray in the oven and many thanks to Mrs Aitken who demonstrated boiling vegetables in a saucepan and some steaming of the kale above the boiling water.

We have scored and rated our vegetables and the winning flavours are definitely carrot, butternut squash, pepper and asparagus. We feel this will make a tasty, creamy soup with a bit of a kick after half term, watch this space!

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