Kindness Week

Next week is KINDNESS WEEK here at Southill Primary to mark World Kindness Day (Saturday 13th November).  This year, each child will be invited to take part in a fun ‘Kindness Bingo‘ where they can collect squares for acts of kindness throughout the week.  Those who manage to cross off all their squares will receive a special certificate at the end of the week – so the challenge is well and truly ON!

Acts of kindness up for grabs are:

  • holding a door open for someone;
  • saying “please” or “thank you;
  • helping to tidy up in class;
  • playing with someone who may need a friend;
  • passing on a smile;
  • picking up rubbish and putting it in the bin;
  • picking up a coat/bag which may be on the floor of our cloakrooms and putting it back on its peg;
  • saying something to encourage someone else;
  • letting someone go ahead of you;
  • showing that you can share;
  • paying someone a compliment;
  • saying something kind to someone else;
  • completing a task for a teacher.

Kindness is of course at the centre of all that we do here at Southill, so this task should not be too difficult at all. It’s always a good opportunity however to remind ourselves of the importance of being kind and how by doing so we can really make a difference to someone else’s day, including our own. It’s a really great feeling!

If you see someone without a smile, why not give them one of yours?

Good luck …


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