Oh Sugar!

Oh Sugar!


Today the children had to analyse a range of products and look carefully at the labelling. We investigated the amount of sugar in well-known brands, even those that are sold as ‘healthier options’ or products with ‘reduced sugar’.

We were flabbergasted by the amount of sugar in some of the products! After measuring out the sugar to some of the products into a clear glass, it was unbelievable just how much each product contained.

It was also very clear from the outset just how difficult it is making heads or tails of the product labels as a lot of companies do not make it easy to work out the amount of sugar compared to how much you are actually should consume compared to the recommended daily amount.

Afterwards, we discussed which products shocked us the most, how it can impact your health (especially your teeth) and considered tooth-friendly alternative treats. We also thought about WHY companies make it so difficult to decipher the labels…

A very enjoyable and educational afternoon.



One comment on “Oh Sugar!

  1. Becca Sanderson says:

    Izzy has been telling me how many spoonfuls of sugar are in certain foods all weekend – very enlightening!

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