Learning about Length

Learning about Length


We’ve started a new chapter in our ‘Maths – No Problem’ lessons this half term. We’ve began learning all about measuring length.

We began by looking at resources/tools we may use to measure length- rulers, metre sticks or even a tape measure.

The children were then given an investigation in groups- how tall are your team? The children had to work reciprocally in order to measure each member accurately and record their findings in their journals.

The children then looked at the data carefully and answered the following questions:


-Who was the tallest member of your team?

-Who was the smallest member of your team?

-If you added up the height of every member, how tall would you be altogether?

-Can you write your answer in both metres AND centimetres?


A thoroughly enjoyable lesson and the children have really grasped how to measure accurately and record their findings carefully.



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  1. I loved seeing how tall I am

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