What is a memory?

Wow – what a brilliant first week back at school!

We have started our new topic ‘Memory box’ this half term. We have been thinking about what a memory is. Is it something that is going to happen or something that has happened already? Are memories about people or things? Can they be about both?

The children have really enjoyed sharing some of their favourite memories with the class.

We have also been looking at our old toys and comparing them to toys we play with when we are babies. We have thought about comparisons and differences, and started to sort our own toys into groups depending on different properties.

A very busy first week back – Well done Year 1. I am really proud of you all.

3 comments on “What is a memory?

  1. I loved showing my oddball teddy😁🥰🤩

  2. Lola Jones says:

    I saw the picture of year ones teddy’s and I love them all

  3. Florence cleave says:

    What lovely toys you will have

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