Learning together

We are all starting to settle in to full days at school now. We have plenty of time to explore and learn together with our friends.

We have started our Little Wandle phonics programme and we are already starting to read words! Wow! Have you enjoyed sharing your books at home?

To introduce Talk for Writing with the children we have chosen to focus on nursery rhymes. This week we are singing Incy Wincy Spider and following a story map as we sing. At our drawing club we drew pictures of Incy Wincy and his adventures in the rain.

Today we enjoyed so many different opportunities in our classroom. Look out for playdough, lego, magnetic building, craft, drawing and building nests for birds.

We love spending time in our cosy book corner, looking at our favourite books.

We still have so much more to learn – having plenty of fun along the way!


3 comments on “Learning together

  1. Amiyah has really enjoyed the activities at school. She loves book corner and says she enjoys playing with her playdoh and singing. Thank you for helping her settle! 🙂

  2. Lucy Desmond - Weeks says:

    Thank you again for being so amazing. Belle is loving reception and came out today bouncing and shouting ‘mummy I can reeeeead now’ Thank you ladies.

  3. Sophie Murray says:

    Eddie has loved sharing his book and phonics book with us at home. He also proudly sang Incy Wincy Spider to us which was wonderful! Thank you for inspiring and encouraging him; his confidence is really growing.

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