Let’s Get Ready to RUGBY!

Let’s Get Ready to RUGBY!


We didn’t let blistering winds and torrential rain prevent us from doing Physical Education this week. Instead, we vacated into the hall for a spot of tag rugby!

In today’s session, the children focused on:


  • travelling with the ball (ensuring they had it either tucked under their arm or two hands securely on the ball)
  • scoring a try by placing the ball down with two hands firmly
  • passing using the correct technique to the person behind them


Despite having a more confined space to work in, the children did brilliantly! They developed their passing, movement with the ball, spatial awareness and even their ability to work as a team.


Well done, Year 4! Another smashing afternoon.

2 comments on “Let’s Get Ready to RUGBY!

  1. Ashton Ashworth says:

    I really enjoyed playing rugby. It was so much fun!!

  2. Tag rugby was great!
    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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