Lunch time for snails!

Do snails prefer green leaves or brown leaves?  That was the big question in science this week when we were able to put our newly acquired weighing skills to good use to find out.  It seems snails have no preference and munched away happily on equal amounts of both green and brown leaves.

Year 2 have also been busy this week with the Beebots on the i-pads, measuring capacity in maths and interviewing the King from our story ‘The Talking Papaya’, following which we were then able to write meaningful letters of apology from the King to the farmer and his shocking dismissal from court.  The King was very apologetic after hearing his own chair speak to him that, in fact, the farmer had been quite right about the talking papaya, dog, fish and goat.

Here are a few photos of us in action this week.


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  1. Eliza🐉🐾 says:

    Wow looks like fun year 3

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