Maya Legends and Pok-A-Tok

Maya Legends


Over the past few weeks, the children have been learning all about Maya legends. We first established what a legendary tale was and then soon learnt some famous stories from years gone by. A firm favourite was a legend called ‘The Hero Twins’. A story all about twin brothers dicing with The Lords of Death! The children were required to create a comic strip based on this tale and this required them to succinct the story into eight chunks and develop their sketching skills.

We also learnt about a famous Maya ballgame (played by the twins) called Pok-A-Tok. It was fascinating learning just how difficult this game must have been to play as the Mayas played with a large rubber ball and had to keep the ball in the air without using their hands and feet! Interestingly, the winning team were sacrificed to the goods as, apparently, their was no greater honour than entering heaven victorious.

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  1. It was fun doing the Pok -a – Tok. Thank you Mr P.

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