This half term, we will be learning all about the story of Macbeth – a story filled with ambition, power and murder! We will be learning all about this iconic tale and we will also aim to put on a small performance of the story later this half term.

In order to help us do that, we really need the children to understand the story and begin to learn the songs. Today, your child was given a booklet which contains all of the songs for the plan

Videos that tell the story of Macbeth –

An animated version of the story which helps children to understand the plot and who all the characters are

Songs to learn –

This website has great tutorial videos to help the children learn the songs.

13 comments on “Macbeth

  1. I love learning about macbeth can’t wait to do it more

  2. Flynn 🐧🐣 says:

    I love listening to the songs 🎶

  3. I’m gonna watch the rest of Macbeth ASAP

  4. Matilda Potts says:

    Macbeth is the best topic EVER.
    I love it!

  5. I really want to learn more about Macbeth

  6. Tommy🐧🐶 says:

    I love learning about Macbeth.😃😃😃

  7. I have learnt the fifth song.

  8. i can sing temptation and assassins without my sheet😜😜😜

  9. Imogen Jones says:

    Good job at the Macbeth sining

  10. I love macbeth

  11. I love Learning Macbeth.

  12. I love leaning about Macbeth it’s the best /the best topic

  13. Well done year three good singing

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