Mad about Magnets!

Cracking Contraptions- I wonder how that works?


Following in the footsteps of our creative duo Wallace and Gromit, we’ve been marvelling at the mighty magnet! So far, we’ve looked at:

-which materials are magnetic

-the two poles – North and South

-which poles attract and which poles repel

-everyday objects that use magnets


The children had the opportunity this afternoon to dive into books, explore the web and rattle their brains in order to note down just how much they’ve learnt/found out about magnetism.


Well done, Year Three! You’ve been MAGnificent.


4 comments on “Mad about Magnets!

  1. I love learning about magnets. I learnt with Mr. Price that tinfoil even though it’s made of metal it doesn’t stick to the magnet.

  2. Why isn’t tinfoil attracted to the magnet, Lenni? What metal is it made from?

  3. I love learning about magnets but I do not know why tinfoil does not stick to the magnet

  4. Metal is made from ion.I love learning about magnets.they are fun to play with

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