Mad for Marbles!

This week we have been looking at  ‘artefacts’ as part of our Childhood topic.

We have looked at different types of clothing as well as toys and games from the past. Lots of us found it hard to believe that toys in the past were not electronic and that lots of our grandparents didn’t have a television when they were children!!

After looking at and comparing old toys and games we took ourselves outside for a good old fashioned game of marbles. Below you can see us playing reciprocally with a partner. So far we have learnt two different marble games but would love to try out some more. Perhaps you could talk about and share your favorite old games or toys at home? If you know any marble games… don’t keep them to yourselves!!!

We have also had a great time learning about the different stages of life. So far we have found out that there are six stages of life; baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult and elderly. We then ordered these on a timeline where we focused on the vocabulary of ‘youngest’ and ‘oldest’. Our timelines then helped us explore how our responsibilities change over time, how we become more independent and start to have our own interests as we get older.

What a busy week in Year 1!

Well done everybody – keep up the super learning!



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