The Four Components of Blood

This afternoon, Year 6 have been learning about blood, what our blood consists of, and more importantly what they do to help keep us healthy.

We found out that our blood has four components:

-White blood cells

-Red blood cells



We learnt about the function of each component and how they all play an important part in the circulatory system. We discovered that our white blood cells are a part of our immune system and help to fight of infections, and that platelets repair cuts and scrapes to keep any infections out.

We also spent some time making an artificial blood sample using oil, milk, syrup and red food colouring. We had to carefully measure the ingredients into our test tubes and mix them thoroughly. After waiting for the artificial sample to set, we were able to see three layers which makes a convincing separated blood sample. The top yellow layer represented the plasma, the thin, cloudy middle layer represents the white blood cells and platelets, and the bottom red layer represented the red blood cells.

Well done, Year 6!

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