Marvellous Measuring!

To kick start our Length and Perimeter focus in maths this term, the children were set the challenge (as part of their journal task) to measure the length and width of our classroom. They worked in small groups where they showed brilliant communication skills by listening to one another and being able to share ideas together. There was lots of ‘trial and error’ going on around the classroom and the children were super creative with their mathematical thinking, by using a variety of both standard (using metre sticks to measure in metres) and non-standard (pens, pencils, books, carpet tiles) units of measure to measure the class with. Great work, Year 3!

We are really enjoying learning about length so far and over the last few days we have been busy learning about equivalent lengths such as 1m = 100cm and 1cm = 10mm! 

Please enjoy a selection of photos below of year 3 in action:


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