A Journey through the Digestive System

A Journey through the Digestive System


Year 4 are having a BLAST in Book Week. We’ve been focusing on the book ‘Kay’s Anatomy’ by Adam Kay and looking at the Digestive System. We already knew a little bit about the digestive system from our last topic and the children were quick to tell me what they could remember.

The task was simple. They needed to write a story about an item of food going through the various organs in the digestive system. My-oh-my have they done well! From cheeseburgers to watermelons, chicken nuggets to slices of cake, the children have done a marvellous job at explaining what happened to their chosen food on their adventure through the digestive system.

So many children used scientific language in order to display their understanding of what happens in each organ and they even described the thoughts and feelings of the character brilliantly. Who would have thought someone could feel sorry for a slice of pizza!

Well done, Year 4. You have produced some epic stories!

Mr. Prior


4 comments on “A Journey through the Digestive System

  1. I love righting and learning about the digestive system sooper fun i loved doing this righting though because of my hummer i put in to my sences.

  2. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  3. Miss Savage says:

    Fantastic writing Year 4! Well done ☺️

  4. my group had used a chicken nugget for this activity.

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