Changing State

Changing State


This afternoon, children continued their learning on states of matter. In our last lesson, we learnt all about solids, liquids and gases. This afternoon however, we explored how they can change. We soon realised, using Dairy Milk Buttons (other chocolate brands are available) that if we add heat and increase the temperature, a solid and change into a liquid (melted chocolate). As you can imagine, the children had fun doing this and were eventually allowed to devour the chocolate.

We then watched a video which unpicked the words melting, freezing, evaporation and condensations and highlighted that these changes are reversible.

To check their understanding, children were then asked to get into partners and have a go at the ‘Changing State Quiz’. After the scores were counted and verified, two pairs score FULL MARKS. As a reward, they were allowed to eat all of the remaining chocolate buttons…YUM!

A very fun (and messy) afternoon indeed.

Mr. Prior

4 comments on “Changing State

  1. we never got to do that:(!

  2. Amelia Thorne says:

    Doing this was so much fun and I enjoyed the part where we got to lick it all off! Yum yum 😋

  3. Matilda Potts says:

    If you want you can teach us that everyday.

  4. Taylor🦒 says:

    Well done the people who got the chocolate buttons it was a great experiment 🍫

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