Marvellous Maths in Year 6!

Year 6 have had a great week exploring all different elements in Maths as a part of Maths Week.

We kicked off the week by getting stuck into TTRockstars and competing in the battle ‘England Rocks’ – the children worked really hard to answer a range of times table and division questions, with lots of them moving up on the TTRockstar leaderboard. I am also proud to say that every pupil in Year 6 has increased their recall speed considerably since starting in September. Well done Year 6 – your hard work is paying off!

Later in the week, we started to explore the question ‘Where’s the Maths in that?’. The class were shown a variety images that at first, didn’t appear to be linked to Maths, but Year 6 were challenged to find mathematical links to the pictures. The class were then given the task of exploring the school grounds and taking photos of different things which they could link to different aspects of Maths.

Towards the end of the week, we linked Art and Maths to create geometric patterns. We found out that geometric patterns often repeat themselves and are also related to angles, lines, shapes and curves. Year 6 worked very hard to focus on their ruler skills, measuring accurately, all whilst being extremely resilient whilst tackling the tricky task!

We also took part in an online Zoom lesson where we were shown how to perform counting tricks using digit cards, answered a variety of problem solving questions and revised our knowledge of angles.

Well done, Year 6 – a marvellous week of exploring different aspects of Maths!

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