Mastering Measurement

Mastering Measurements


Grab your weapons and prepare for battle! I’m only joking. We only needed rulers and pencils to take on this challenge.

Today, the children donned their mathematical caps (figuratively speaking) and explored what the word perimeter meant…

Looking at the word carefully, we noticed something…peRIMeter. Of course! It involves measuring the outside of the shape. In order to do this, children needed to be accurate and use their knowledge of increments and decimals in order to read the measurements accurately.

That’s not all. The perimeter then requires you to add all of the sides up! After lining up those pesky decimal points, the children were able to calculate the perimeter successfully.

Well done, Year 4.

HOME LEARNING CHALLENGE- Perhaps you could try and calculate the perimeter of a room in your house or even your garden. You may need something bigger than a ruler though…



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