Maths In Action!

This week, Year 5 have shown amazing resilience in their Maths learning, using column addition and subtraction to add and subtract 6-digit numbers!  Wowzers!  They have solved some word problems using their amazing skills and have used their reasoning to explain what they have done.  They have even helped poor ‘Rosie’ who just couldn’t get it right!

And would you believe it, our History lessons this week have been all about famous Ancient Greeks who have influenced us to this day, including some Ancient Greek mathematicians!  We have studied Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes and Plato among others, and looked at how their their work and teachings are still relevant to us in our Maths lessons now!

We’ve also had our first poetry performance (on Poetry day nonethelss!) with Harry, Daniel, Sam, Sophie, Izzy and Lenni-Jay performing the Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll.

What a week Year 5, see you next week for book recommendations and more!

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  1. Molly Foster says:

    I absolutely love maths !

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