Minibeast Hunting

We’ve been out and about again this week enjoying the wonderfully sunny weather.

We started the week with a computing lesson outside! We were learning to explore algorithms, giving our friends directional instructions with the aim of collecting pictures of different minibeasts. When we made errors, we had to work hard to ‘debug’ our set of instructions, or algorithms, to help our friends get to the correct spot and collect the minibeasts.

We’ve also had fun this week completing our daily mile on the top field whilst making sure we had lots of water in the shade.

Later in the week, we explored and developed our ideas using sketching pencils and produced some detailed drawing of insects and minibeasts. We worked hard to add shade and use lines to add texture.

We finished our recount writing this week with a recount about our minibeast hunt. We all did a fantastic job by using times connectives, writing in the first person as well as the past tense. We’re very proud of you Class Two. Well done.

We hope you enjoy the pictures of us below and hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Great fun

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