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Provision maps

This week, we have sent out ‘provision maps’ to a number of parents. I have become aware that the level of information accompanying the maps was not very clear and I apologise for that.

It’s been a disrupted year in many ways and our aim has been to work with the children to identify gaps in their learning that may have developed while we were teaching remotely back in February and March. Once we’d identified areas where children could benefit from some extra support, we organised school staff to help these children in small group or individual work, usually during the afternoon and for short periods of time.

The provision maps indicated the type of support we have put in place. In most cases, this support is intended as a short-term, focused intervention that will benefit the children quickly. The teachers will discuss this with you in more detail at parents’ evenings, but please get in touch with me if you’d like more information before then.

Year 6

1. Leavers Assembly

We have a provisional date of Tuesday 20th July at 1.30pm for this assembly, which we hope to hold in the school hall. An invitation will be sent to you shortly.

2. Transition Days

The transition days planned for July, where Year 6 children visit their new secondary school, have been cancelled because of the continuing Covid restrictions that prevent children mixing together outside of their school bubbles. The headteachers have met together today to discuss suitable alternatives and the secondaries will be in touch directly with you next week about their revised plans.

School shoes v trainers

As we near the end of term, we know that children’s uniform, and especially their shoes, can become quite ‘well worn’. Of course, we understand that parents are reluctant to buy new items of uniform or new shoes at this time of the year – and we support that entirely. Please can I ask that, if children are coming to school in non-regulation footwear, you inform us by email, phone or note. This is to prevent other children choosing trainers as a fashion choice, leaving a perfectly good pair of school shoes at home.

I am looking forward to the start of next term for many reasons, but one is our return to full proper uniform – and especially everyone’s smart school shoes!

Sun safety

It’s been very hot this week and we are increasingly worried about the numbers of children who come to school without any protection from the sun (of course, as I write this, it’s raining!).

Please can all children bring at least a hat to school, to wear at play and at lunchtime. Children are also welcome to bring sunglasses and even suncream if you wish (providing they are able to apply it themselves).

Phone maintenance

Please note that the office phone lines may be down on Monday morning (21st June) while we have some work done on our phone system.


Upcoming dates you may find helpful:

Annual reports go out to parents: Friday 2nd July

Parent Consultation evenings: Tuesday 6th, Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th from 3.30-5.30pm

Leavers Assembly: Tuesday 20th at 1.30pm

Last day of term: Wednesday 21st July. Non-uniform day.

Drowning Prevention Week

Saturday 19 June sees the start of an important campaign for 2021 – the eighth national Drowning Prevention Week, 19 – 26 June 2021 – which encourages parents to teach their children how to stay safe and enjoy water safely this summer.

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