Monkey World: The Great Ape-eal!

Miss Curtis spoke to us all today in her assembly about the many animals affected by the current Australian bush fires.  We learnt that many people are helping these animals by making blankets for them to keep warm in, some even had built-in pillows and were cleverly sewn together.  We watched a video showing how some of these items were made, for example a ‘bat wrap’ and how these were then sent to a rescue centre to be used to keep animals warm while they recover.  We also watched a video featuring Paul the koala who arrived at his centre quite poorly, however with nurturing he has almost fully recovered and will soon be released back into his natural habitat once it is safe to do so.  Fantastic!

This got us all thinking about the importance of being able to do small things to make a big difference, inspiring many of us to do a similar good deed.  Unfortunately these items were a little tricky to make, however Miss Curtis informed us all that local ape rescue centre ‘Monkey World’ are appealing for items to help the primates that they look after.  We would love to be able to help, therefore are accepting donations this week which Miss Curtis will deliver this weekend.

Please see poster below as to items which are helpful, also old towels and blankets would be fantastic. Please note though that as we are a nut-free school, we politely ask that these items are discounted.  If you have any items at home that you are happy and able to donate, please bring them in any day up until Friday 17th – a box in the hall is available to fill.  Monkey World are very grateful for our support and look forward to receiving whatever we can donate.

Remember: ‘Do something small.  Together we can make a big difference!

2 comments on “Monkey World: The Great Ape-eal!

  1. kirsty jones says:

    Aston was completely inspired by this assembly. He told me all about the fires in Australia and how we can help the monkeys at Monkey World. We are looking out some donations and he will bring them in.

  2. Natalie Nash says:

    Great idea thanks Miss Curtis

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