Linked to our topic ‘Predator!’ we asked Bugfest if they wouldn’t mind bringing in some creatures for us to look at and learn about.


I cannot believe the creepy crawlies that entered into our classroom today! Nick, our insect expert, shared a lorry-load of facts about:

  • The Giant Millipede
  • The Centipede
  • Giant snails
  • The Hissing Cockroach
  • Stick Insects
  • The Praying Mantis
  • The Vinegaroon (half spider-half scorpion)
  • Venomous Scorpions
  • The Giant bat-eating Centipede
  • Tarantulas


Nick inundated us with facts such as:


“Did you know that Tarantulas have hairy bottoms which can cause rashes and kill you?”

“Hissing cockroaches hiss to protect themselves from predators.”

“A scorpion sting can kill you in hours.”

“The Praying Mantis can see everything around it without having to move its head.”

“Snails are hermaphrodites as they have both boy and girl parts.”

 “If Thanos clicked his fingers and erased insects from the world, we would last a maximum of 200 years. They are that important in the food chain.”


He then asked the children how they can look after animals and the planet. The response from the children impressed him tremendously. From recycling to awareness, use of plastic to modes of transport, the children had a number of ideas on how we can stop global warming.


Nick kindly stayed and answering all of the kids burning questions and said they were ‘A pleasure to educate and a credit to the school.’


We were also told that Bugfest can do birthday parties! For more information, visit the website… 

Nick also informed me that he has a Facebook page and he urges people to follow it as it will give you information about up-and-coming live shows which you can attend.


Below are some pictures of the interesting insects and some of our brave children holding them. THANK YOU, BUGFEST!


7 comments on “Bugfest

  1. Izzy allmond says:

    I enjoyed our workshop it was great seeing lots of amazing bugs the giant snail was so slimy

  2. Ellie-Belle says:

    I loved holding the insects ? and the insects ? tickled my hands

  3. Matilda Jones says:

    I can’t believe you held that tarantula Mr Prior!??? I could never in a million years do that!

  4. I loved doing it I would love to have them visit me for my birthday ??

  5. I loved holding the centipede ♥️

  6. Florence cleave says:

    It was so fun

  7. Sofia Linaker says:

    I really enjoyed this workshop

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