Mountain and River Rescue

Mountain and River Rescue


Whilst learning about mountains and rivers, we soon uncovered the dangers that may occur whilst climbing/walking near them. Rockfalls, avalanches, losing your footing, injuries, hypothermia, frostbite (to name a few).

We therefore wanted to prepare our future mountain climbers with some fantastic first aid advice and who better to ask than Mr. Ryan. He is an experienced paramedic who has led many fantastic workshops at Southill in the past.

To begin with, we discussed what a paramedic does and then discussed some of the injuries that may take place on a mountain. Then, we learnt how to treat a wound or cut using dressings and bandages in order to keep the arm elevated. We also reminded the children to call for help…999!

The children were then introduced to DR ABC.


D- Danger
R- Response

A – Airway
B – Breathing
C – Circulation


If a patient isn’t breathing, then they will need CPR or a defibrillator (which we have in school). If the patient is breathing but unconscious then into the recovery position they go!

It would be an understatement to say that we had a blast learning all about first aid this morning. A HUGE thank you to Mr. Ryan for giving up your time to come and teach the children basic first aid. Who knows, maybe a future paramedic is in our midst.


Mr. P


7 comments on “Mountain and River Rescue

  1. Jennifer Stacey says:

    I loved doing this today mr ryan was so nice . I learnt to do cpr, the recovery position and also I got to try to do lots of other things as well !!!🤩

  2. I loved doing this I learnt how to do cpr and a brilliant experience for doing a bandage

  3. I had so much fun doing this. Thank you!

  4. Hannah Ashworth says:

    Great work year 4!

  5. Chantal Smith says:

    It was so much fun
    At least I know how to do cpr and tie bandages if I get hurt

  6. Taylor kitton says:

    it was so fun now i know what to do if i ever injure myself

  7. Esmé Stone says:

    It was really fun. I learnt a lot about CPR and saving people’s lives. It was a really good experience. Thank you Mr Ryan. Now I know that working for the NHS helps lots of people.

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