Nice to see you all again Year 5!

This afternoon our Year 5 class were lucky enough to meet up for the first time since March, all together, via Zoom!  It was very exciting and a great opportunity for them all to see and interact with each other, including of course Mrs Hill who had long-awaited news of their Reception buddies for next year and instructions on writing a welcome letter for them.

This was the first time that we have been able to use Zoom in this way as a school, thank you to Year 5 for being our pilot class and to their parents/carers for helping to set up at home.  We hope that you all enjoyed the session, despite a few teeny technical issues we were certainly very pleased to see you all.  Thank you to Mrs Hill for organising and hosting the meeting, also to Mr Mason who made a surprise appearance!

Well done everybody, we’ve really missed you all.  Keep up the great effort at home and those at school, you’re doing really well.

3 comments on “Nice to see you all again Year 5!

  1. It was amazing seeing you guys on a chat can’t wait to meet our buddies?

  2. It was amazing to see ya ?

  3. izzi yr5 says:

    i cant wait to see everyone agsin it was so fun

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