Nice to Google MEET You Year 3!

Week 4 – completed.  Nice one Year 3, we smashed this lockdown lark yet again.  This week we had the added bonus of actually being able to see each other via our first Google Meet session, thank you for tuning in it was REALLY great to see and interact with you all.  Apologies for our sound issues, we will make sure that we have this sorted for our next session, however it didn’t spoil it for us as it really was super special to be able to meet up – albeit virtually.  Mr Price’s ‘would you rather’ game was one of the many highlights!

You’ve done well again with all tasks set via our online learning, we’ve looked at the differences between crocodiles and alligators and had some fun in school getting creative with wax resist pictures.  Today we enjoyed lots of Michael Rosen videos with a fun quiz prepared by Mr Price, it really made us giggle.  We hope that it made you laugh at home too and perhaps even inspired you to have a go at reciting your own poetry, as we do so well in Year 3 (HINT: Southill’s Got Talent would LOVE a segment like this!  If you do have anything to submit for our whole school virtual assemblies, please send them over to

Thanks to those who sent their pictures in to be included within this blog, please find them below.  Well done on all your efforts this week, hope you all have a relaxing weekend.

PS Don’t forget our Relax Kids session on Tuesday, we’d like to have a higher class attendance next week please.  They are really great sessions which help to calm during a really strange period of time.  Plus it’s great to see you! Thank you to those who tune in every week.

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  1. I really enjoyed our Google meet with you Mr price thanks.

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