Nick Sharratt – Draw along

Wow! We had such an amazing time online with the author and illustrator, Nick Sharratt.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a fun session where Nick answered some of our questions, shared some of his books and and led us in 7 draw-along pictures.

We found out that his favourite colour is yellow, a book that makes him laugh is called ‘pants’ and he has illustrated over 300 books! These are just some of the amazing facts we found out today.

All of the children really enjoyed drawing and they concentrated so well. The pictures they produce were amazing so congratulations to you all.

Many thanks to Nick for such a fun, informative and fabulous draw-along session.

Have a look through our gallery of pictures below and be amazed too!


One comment on “Nick Sharratt – Draw along

  1. Lucy Weeks says:

    AMAZING!! Ostin had so much fun, and I must say I am very envious, well done everyone your drawings look fantastic!!!

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