Our Brilliant Books!

We have started something very exciting in Year 4 this week! Each Thursday, three children will be presenting to the class a review of a book that they have read and enjoyed. We were all very excited to hear the first three presentations today! The children presenting shared some key information about their chosen book such as the author and publication date, in addition to the plot, some of their personal opinions and finally a recommendation!

What a brilliant way to become inspired to read new books! Well done to those who presented today, you were enthusiastic, confident and had thought very carefully about your reviews. I wonder which books we might discover next week?

3 comments on “Our Brilliant Books!

  1. Jessica Grainger says:

    I love it

  2. Mia Gillicker says:


  3. It was a bit scarry at first but I did it and I am exited to hear some over ones

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