Polar Expedition!

This afternoon, Year 6 were keen for an adventure! They travelled (virtually) to the polar regions to discover what it was like to explore the Arctic and Antarctic.

At the start of the lesson, we watched some clips from David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet. This was really fascinating as we got to see how vast some of the icebergs are and how extreme the weather can be in the polar regions.

Then using Google Earth, they ventured across the snow and made observations on their journey. They made notes and diary entries as they travelled through each area based on the different human and physical features they noticed. They came across research centres, flags from different countries, boats, icebergs, mountains, and most importantly… penguins! We then spent some time discussing our observations and comparing the two polar regions.

A brilliant lesson to kickstart our new project Frozen Kingdoms! Well done Year 6.


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