Today we were introduced to the concept of zero. We already have some practical understanding of ‘nothing there’, ‘none’ or ‘all gone’. We were learning that the number name ‘zero’ and the numeral 0 can be used to represent this idea. We worked together to notice where we see ‘zero’. .

We read this story together and spotted zero throughout the book.

Then we went on a walk outside to become number detectives. Look at where we noticed zero.

Zero children sat playing.

Zero leaves on the trees.

Zero balls in the net.

Zero children sitting on the bench or having a picnic.

Zero children playing on the playground.

Zero sun!

Zero birds on the bird table.

Zero ducks on the pond.

We had a great time noticing zero. Have a look at the home learning page on Friday for some ideas to try at home!

One comment on “Zero!

  1. Sophie Murray says:

    Eddie told us all about the zero walk and especially about how there were zero children on the climbing frame. Fantastic!

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