In writing this morning, Year 4 were building up their setting description toolkit even more as they explore the use of prepositions. We discussed what they are and how they can be useful when it comes to helping the reader picture the setting. We began by watching a clip from the film Cinderella which involved her entering the ballroom gracefully as everybody else stared with bated breath. The children then became detectives in order to spot things they could describe in the setting and where in the room they were. From glistening chandeliers to the polished ballroom floor, the grand, sweeping staircase to the infinite number of lit candles, the children certainly paid close attention to the surroundings.

They were then tasked with describing the setting and were required to use prepositions in order to indicate where things were in the scene. I must say, some of the children dazzled me with their creativity and imagination. They used not only prepositions, but also some of the other writing tools that we’ve focused on earlier this week which shows that our toolkit is proving really useful.

Well done, Year 4. Some cracking pieces of writing!

Mr. P



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