Rainbow Bread!

This week in year 1 we have been celebrating our differences!

As part of our PSHE we have been learning about different families. We started by reading the book ‘Picnic in the Park’ which is based around Jason’s birthday picnic. Throughout the story we were introduced to different families who were invited to join in with Jason’s celebration.

Some of the children had step brothers and sisters, some had two mums or two dads and some had been fostered or adopted. As a class we talked about how we are all different and how it is important to celebrate our own differences as well as accept things that make other people different from ourselves.

To finish the lesson off we made ‘Rainbow Bread’ based on the colours from the LGBTQ+ flag. We used different colours, patterns and pictures to represent how we are all unique and special.

One comment on “Rainbow Bread!

  1. Louise Bugler says:

    Top trump on this idea! Lysander loved it…we have to do it home now, too!

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