Time is ticking…

Time is ticking…


A new chapter is upon…During our Maths No Problem lesson today, we began learning about AM and PM (it’s about TIME).


The children began by learning what AM and PM actually stand for…


Anti Meridiem

Post Meridiem


These are latin words which basically mean before midday and after midday.


The children were then set the challenge of looking at pictures and then looking at the time on the clock. They had to discuss whether they thought it would be AM (in the morning) or PM (in the afternoon/evening).


The reasoning behind this was actually pretty impressive. They had to look for subtle clues in each picture.


Time is very much something you can do with your children at home so…HOME LEARNING CHALLENGE.


If the children can bring in some work they’ve done on time into class, it may be worth raffle tickets, or even, a postcard!



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