Reception, Reception, What do you see?

What do you see in our classroom?

Observational pastel drawings of treasures in nature.

Cold craft…

…and re-telling our Brown Bear story.

We had a wonderful time in our first Relax Kids session with Sian. It was almost magical how we all felt so calm and relaxed and very sleepy!

On Thursday we went out looking for clues from Jack frost – we found so many and we even found messages from him!

Remember to look at your Phonics book at home to find out about our new digraphs this week.

Also, enjoy reading your new book to your family.

4 comments on “Reception, Reception, What do you see?

  1. Michelle GAMMIDGE says:

    Dylan says he really likes his phonics and the fish and chip tray 🤔
    He’s had a lovely week at school and has been full of beans afterwards everyday.
    His favourite thing was writing a message for Jack Frost

  2. Isobel has retold us Brown Bear a lot this week, we love it!

  3. Penny Spence says:

    Pixie was so excited to tell us about the Jack Frost visit! After relaxation, she told us she was super tired and needed an afternoon nap 😊 looks like you all had a super week!

  4. Laura Mathieson says:

    Luca was very excited over the messages from Jack frost. And he says he enjoyed yoga this week 😁

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