Robots and farming? Really?

We were really lucky this afternoon to have a visit from Mr Wood who is a Programme Manager for the Digital Place Team at Dorset Council. He works on a project called 5G RuralDorset

We thought about farmers and robots and drew images to represent these and were interested to hear that 25% of the UK’s farmers are female.  Modern farming and the future of farming could  combine both a farmer and a robot.  We learnt that Dorset has the largest trials of agri and aquaculture of anywhere and there are lots of very innovative companies here in Dorset.

We discussed not only 5G and artificial intelligence for farming on land, but also using it to help with dairy farming and farming under the sea!  How amazing is that?

A big thanks to Mr Wood for getting us to think beyond the traditional big red tractor for farming and imagining what it might look like in the future.  It was really fascinating.



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