Book Week Day 1

SPS Book Week began this morning with a brilliant Booky Breakfast and nearly the whole school was there!! It was great to welcome so many families into the hall for a celebration breakfast and to see everyone enjoying their bacon butties while reading their books. Thank you for joining in and supporting this event and special thanks to Mrs Aitken, Mrs Kench, Mrs Puddick and Mr Mason for serving up so many butties!

In classes this morning, children enjoyed an author visit via Zoom. This event was specially organised for schools taking part in the Chesil Reading Project. Reception and KS1 had a visit from Catherine Barr and KS2 learned about space from author Colin Stuart. The children will be learning lots more about animals and science throughout the week.

Mr Prior read the first of our lunchtime library specials and lots of children enjoyed learning about the digestive system by listening to an excerpt from one of Mr P’s favourites – Kay’s Anatomy.

The Reading Champs led a special assembly and we heard lots of recommendations for Cracking Good Reads. They also took part in a quiz but some of the questions were quite tricky and they needed to ‘phone a friend’ in the audience. I was very impressed with all the children’s knowledge. Well done to The Roaring Readers who came first but it was very close between all the teams.

Finally, Miss England kindly opened the library after school so that children, their parents and siblings could come and enjoy our wonderful library.

It’s been a busy day… who’s up for some more tomorrow?? Here’s to the biggest and brightest Book Week ever!

Mrs Wood 📚 🌈



One comment on “Book Week Day 1

  1. Lucy Desmond - Weeks says:

    Thank you for all of your hard work organising booky breakfast !! Massive hit!!

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