Rockets and Craters.

We have had another spectacular space themed week in Year 5 looking at using force meters, abstract rocket art by Peter Thorpe and studying how craters are formed on the moon.

We used force meters to measure weight as a result of the force of gravity pulling on an object.  Have a look at our reciprocal investigating – can you see which were the heaviest objects?!  We then looked at air resistance and talked about the effect on a falling object if there was no air.

Have a look at our amazing abstract art in the style of Peter Thorpe.  Look at how resourceful we have been with the different coloured media and style.  We have also focused hard on our composition to create aesthetically pleasing pieces, well done Year 5!  Well done to those who completed this task at home as well!

During our science lessons, we have been planning and carrying out specific enquiries to answer questions such as, ‘Does the size of the object impact on the size of the crater?’  We are so pleased with the reciprocity and reflective thinking of Year 5 when working in teams to plan, carry out and evaluate their investigations.  Ask us if the size, weight or speed of the object impacts on the size of the crater, the answer may surprise you!


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