Can you hear that?

In our Topic lessons this week, we have worked at scientists to learn about sound.

We worked scientifically to investigate the question, ‘Can bigger ears hear quieter sounds?’. To do this, we began by considering how we could answer this question. After we had each made a  prediction, we worked reciprocally to follow a set of instructions to carry out a simple test. Once our investigation was complete, we discussed and recorded our findings!

Later in the week, we ventured outside to discover what sounds could be heard on the KS2 playground. We listened carefully and collected this data using a ‘sound map’ – plotting the sounds that were heard according to whether the sound source was in front or behind us and to our left or right. When we returned to the classroom, we thought about ways in which we could group these sounds – for example, according to their pitch.

Another brilliant week of learning Year 2, very well done everyone!

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