Romans and Celts Fight it Out at Southill

Having spent the summer constructing splendid shields, Year 4 put them to the test today re-enacting an ancient battle fought between the Celts and the Roman invaders. The rules were simple: to claim victory, capture your opponents’ standard (a white pole!) or ‘kill’ all of the opposing army by removing a tag from their belts. Tactics were discussed, photos were taken, battles cries were shrieked and then… well, everyone charged at each other. The video and photos below tell the tale.

The Crafty Celts

The Ruthless Romans

A dead Roman

Lots of dead Romans and Celts

A defiant Roman Defends the ‘standard’


One comment on “Romans and Celts Fight it Out at Southill

  1. Eugenie Dredge says:

    Ellie hasn’t stopped talking about it! She loved that they could make the sounds of dying and noise in general

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