Swish Swish

Swish Swish!


We had a cracking time this afternoon in PE, making the most of our shiny new basketball hoops! The main priority of the lesson was to brush up on our agility, balance and co-ordination skills.

We focused on a number of drills involving dribbling, receiving a ball with confidence and shooting. The children were enthusiastic, hard-working and I noticed a huge improvement in their basketball ability.  Watch out Lebron James, Year 6 are hot on your tail!

Take a look at some action shots from our glorious afternoon in the sunshine…

6 comments on “Swish Swish

  1. Thank you Mr Prior, I really enjoyed today and in the first picture i was moving with the wind!!!

  2. i really enjoyed that Mr prior loved PE

  3. This was pretty much THE BEST PE LESSON EVER!!!!!
    I am super duper excited for the next time we do it!
    I used to think that I didn’t like the sport Basketball but since Tuesday I love it soo much!! Thank you soo much Mr. Prior as you’ve already got me loving a new sport!
    Honestly, and I hate to say it, ‘I’m excited for the next PE lesson’ is NOT something I say a lot so thank you.

  4. It was the best PE I can’t wait to do it next time too

  5. i loved playing basketball i realised that i could shoot a ball into a hoop quite well thank you mr prior

  6. I love doing PE and I love doing basketball and that Pe season was right up my street so thank you Mr Prior.

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