Year 3 have began learning French! They started off by greeting each other in around the classroom, in French. They had just 1 minute to see how many children they could greet in that time!  I couldn’t believe how well they pronounced the new language such as ‘Bonjour’ ‘Salut’ and ‘Bon Nuit’ – you’ll have to ask them what these words translate to in English! They even started to learn a song in French too. Great work year 3, I am already looking forward to next week’s French lesson.


We are so very close to recording our text map of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ for you to enjoy the pleasure of watching at home, but we just need a little more practise. Here is a copy of our text map for you to have a go at practising at home.


Year 3 have been working hard to count in multiples of 100, represent and partition numbers all the way to 1000 this week. They now know that the value of 3-digit numbers such 346 is made up of 3 hundreds, 4 tens and 6 ones!  I continue to be impressed with their enthusiasm towards maths and how well they use concrete objects such as dienes to support their mathematical understanding of new concepts. Keep it up, Year 3! 


This week our theme was ‘Relationships’. The children got in to 4 groups and had to complete a short relay race to each collect a letter and bring it back to their team.  Once they had completed the run they then had to work together to see what word their letters made. The first team to work out their word WON! It was definitely a tough competition!


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