The Tale of Cinderella

The Tale of Cinderella


Year four have been learning the infamous rags to riches tale ‘Cinderella’. At Southill, we use text mapping in order to help children to not only read stories but perform them! Internalising stories also helps them with how to structure their writing, learn about new vocabulary and helps children to generate new ideas for a tale of their very own.

Below you will see the children performing using intonation, volume and expression. They have loved learning the tale and I am sure it will help them with their own rags to riches tale which they will be writing very soon.

Well done, Year 4. You smashed it!

A huge thank you to Mrs. Wallis who kindly filmed the children from all sorts of positions in an effort to get the best camera angles possible for your viewing pleasure. Remember Mrs. Wallis…Pain is temporary, but film is forever.

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8 comments on “The Tale of Cinderella

  1. Year 4! I loved this! Fantastic story telling (ding dong) 😉

  2. Amy Etherington says:

    I think me and my class did brilliant at that storytelling 🙂

  3. Miss Cassie Larkman says:


  4. Cassie Larkman says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Well done Year 4!
    Zachary has really enjoyed this subject and couldn’t wait for me to see the performance. Thank you 😁


    Year 4, this is so impressive! Great storytelling!

  6. I loved doing Cindrellea I thought we did great

  7. Wow Year 4! This is amazing!!

  8. Great storytelling, year 4! 👏

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