Science Day – Diverse Jobs and Places

Today was Science Day and Year 3 spent the day travelling around different classes and taking part in a variety of Science activities. The theme for the day was ‘Our Diverse World’.

Here is a little bit about what we got up to in our classroom, before they set off to other to the other classes…

Firstly, we looked at Antarctica as a diverse place. We found out that this continent was only discovered 204 years ago! We read some surprising facts about it and agreed it sounds like a really interesting place. We found out that it doesn’t have a human population and is mainly used for research by explorers and scientists.

We then looked at a variety of diverse jobs  that people have in the Antarctica and looked at some of the work of Sir David Attenborough. He actually has a research ship that takes explorers and scientists to the Antarctica for months on end, so they can find out more about the continent.

We then thought about the design of the research ship and how it has to carry many different items, including a mini boat called Boaty McBoatface! (We loved this name!) We also realised that it would  have been someone’s job to design where things go on the ship and how to position things so that it still floats!

This lead us to begin our investigation to find out ‘how the positioning of weights affect how a boat can float’.

We made mini paper boats and put them in a tray of water before loading them with plastic cubes (acting as weights). We looked at different ways to distribute the weight, whilst still keeping it afloat. We found out that you have to evenly position the weights so that they balance. If you don’t, the ship will tip to one side or if you place too much weight in the middle it will sink to the bottom!

What a brilliant day we’ve had, Year 3 – you were fab and I know you had lots of fun! 

Well done everyone! 🙂

Miss Hutton



2 comments on “Science Day – Diverse Jobs and Places

  1. Mae really loved science day!

  2. Ronnie talked non stop about his science day. Amazing.

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