Who Dunnit?!

We had so  much fun in Year 4 looking at the diversity of humans through our fingerprints! After we reminded ourselves that fingerprints are the patterns on the end of your fingertips, we learnt some amazing facts, such as: every single human being there ever was, is or will be has their own unique fingerprint, no-one has the same fingerprint as anyone else, not even identical twins! We then discovered that fingerprints develop while we are in our mummy’s womb at around 6-13 weeks because of how fast we move and grow!

We also saw that our fingerprints are made of a combination of different shaped loops, arches and whorls. To check what our own fingerprint looks like, we did some ink printing and now have a record of our own fingerprints!

Using various items on our desks, we tried to see if we could leave our fingerprints anywhere. It turns out, flat, hard and shiny surfaces show fingerprints up the best.  After discussing how we can ‘lift’ a fingerprint to keep a record, we tried to use sellotape to keep a finger print. This was sometimes successful but we discussed how the most successful method is to dust a light powder over the fingerprint and then lift the dust in the shape of the print.

It was really important that we had  learnt all these skills because we then needed to solve a crime! SOMEONE had tried to steal Mrs Hill’s chocolate orange! Luckily they had left their fingerprint behind so using our suspect sheet, we matched up the evidence of the shape, loops and arches in the evidence and we now know who tried to eat the chocolate! Watch out, Miss Savage, we’re keeping our chocolate oranges under lock and key now on!

Well done everyone on amazing resourceful learning today and reflective use of your knowledge to solve the crime. You all listened well and took part in the activity sensibly on this science day!

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