This week, Year 3  were introduced to a new programming environment called Scratch, as part of our Computing lessons. They began thinking about why Scratch is similar but also different to the Bee Bots that they used for programming in KS1. They then started to familiarise themselves with the basic layout of the Scratch screen (programming area, sprite stage, programming blocks) and began creating their own projects. By the end of the two lessons, they were all able to choose a backdrop, make their own sprite (you’ll have to ask the children what this means!) and get it to move. Some children even made their sprites talk, bark, and meow! It has been a fun-filled couple of afternoons and the children really impressed me with their creativity! I am already looking forward to more Computing after half term. Well done everyone!

If you want to continuing practising with Scratch at home, please follow this link Scratch –

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