Sea Shanty Spectacular

Wow!! Year 5 completely raised the roof at the one and only Weymouth Pavilion tonight.  They sang their sea shanties that they’ve learnt over the past term alongside 5 other local schools and they also performed a rendition of Octopus’s Garden by the Beatles, themselves.

Flags were raised and waved to one of the oldest ‘mash ups’ consisting of ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘Married to a mermaid’, feet were stomped to the Wellerman and families clapped along.  What a performance!   Outstanding Year 5.  You should be super proud of yourselves; your teachers certainly are.

Here are some clips of our rehearsals this afternoon.

7 comments on “Sea Shanty Spectacular

  1. Mrs Hill says:

    Wow! Year 5! What an amazing performance! Spectacular singing everyone, well done! 👌

  2. Ayla litherland says:

    Well Done!Looks fun wish I could have come!Hope to hear more on Wednesday!

  3. Kate toogood says:

    You were all amazing year 5! Well done 🙂

  4. Mrs Symonds says:

    You smashed it Year 5! Well done to all of you, an experience you’ll always remember. I particularly enjoyed ‘Octopus’s Garden’ I’d love to hear you all sing that 🎶🐙

  5. t.butler says:

    Aww Aylla. So sorry you were not able to come but good news we will see you tomorrow 🙂

  6. Molly Foster🦒 says:

    It was really fun but I’m sad some of them missed out 😒

  7. The sea shanty were amazing

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