‘Shakespeare Schools Workshop’

‘Shakespeare Schools Workshop’


In preparation for our Macbeth performance at the end of this half term, Year Three were visited by the ‘Shakespeare Schools Foundation’ to help us learn and understand the dark and gloomy story, Macbeth!

We began by coming up with actions to help remember some of the key characters in the story such as:



Lady Macbeth


The Three Witches




We then retold the story as a class through facial expressions and actions. We certainly brought the story alive!

Later that afternoon, the children worked in groups and had to create a freeze frame to show how certain characters may have felt during certain parts of the play.

Finally, the children were given a small script that they then had to perform! Shakespeare Schools emphasised the difference between reading a script and performing it! It was great seeing the children step out of their comfort zone and go for it!

We have learnt a great deal this afternoon about the story and we have some very keen and excited children who are ready to begin preparing for our show…

Well done, Year Three.



5 comments on “‘Shakespeare Schools Workshop’

  1. Fiona Wilson says:

    Ellie Belle had the best day and enjoyed being crowned by Lola x

  2. mia gillicker says:

    omg in the first picture theres me dead well it looks like i am a alive 😀

  3. Mia looks really funy

  4. Well done every one mason your so dramatic it was amazing thanks to the Shakespeare company

  5. i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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