Washing your Hands to Happy Birthday!

Mrs Wood led our assembly on Monday by teaching us all about how to keep our bodies strong, how germs are easily spread and how we can help keep ourselves well.  We watched a really interesting video by the StoryBots which helped to explain the importance of washing our hands:

We then had fun pretending to wash our hands to the tune of Happy Birthday, played by Mrs Puddick on the piano.  This may sound a little crazy, however the NHS has recommended that it should take around 20 seconds to wash our hands really well and that this is roughly the same length of time that it takes to sing this song … twice!  So that is what we did, following six steps to help us clean our hands properly.  It was lots of fun, even for the adults!

We have placed posters in our toilet/cloakroom areas to help remind us how long and how to wash our hands properly.  Perhaps children could also have fun with this at home (although we’ve found that sometimes it’s better to sing the song in  our heads and not always out loud….!)

One comment on “Washing your Hands to Happy Birthday!

  1. Izzy year 2 says:

    I love washing my hands!

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