Southill Primary Summer Snaps!

Southill Primary Summer Snaps
‘Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments’ – National Geographic

We plan to get busy creating an exciting new display featuring all the places we’ve visited over the summer on a map of the world!  Our display will be big and bright and will also be very prominent, for all to see within our school hall.  It’ll be very interesting to view on a map how far we have travelled, helping us to learn about our environment and may also serve as a great memory too.  To get involved, your mission this summer is to take a photo of yourself with your location, which we will pin to our brand new board. We wonder if any of us will have crossed paths without realising it? No matter how near or far you go, we would love to see what connections have been made within our school community whilst on your travels!

Please send your Summer Snaps to, you may even find some featured over the holidays within our social media stories (after you have returned home).

We look forward to seeing what we can create together, have fun happy snapping!

Miss Hutton

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